Thursday, January 27, 2011

Six Word Thrillers

Since I like thrillers, I decided to write a few six word thrillers for Holy Worlds Christian Fantasy Forum's six word story challenge:

Lots of blood, but no body.

Familiar handwriting on a ransom note.

His gun was missing a bullet.

(c) 2011 Jonathan Garner

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't Blink

This poem was originally published in TeenAge in 2009.

Don’t blink.
You’re watching the latest in entertainment technology.
That’s right, smile.
Isn’t this everything you’ve ever wanted?
Virtual seduction
by a hologram of today’s hottest celebrity.
Get high on drugs
without ever poisoning your obese body.
Mindless violence
to make you feel like an action hero.
A thousand different worlds
to make you forget your failures in this one.
The price? Well...
The price is something even the poorest can pay.
In scientific terms,
you could say that you’re paying nothing.
Give us your soul,
or you’ll miss all we have to offer.
We promise
to shock you until you can be shocked no longer,
until you live
in a prison of fulfilled desires and sated lusts.
All hope is gone,
because there’s nothing left to feel,
except perhaps
the great mystery of death.
Now blink.
Close your eyes to the boring spectacle.
Take the razor;
slide it across your sun-starved wrist.
Just remember
to leave us everything in your will.
After all,
we made you who you are today.
Did God
ever show you vomit in 3D high definition?
Did Jesus
ever scream profanity in your ears?
Embrace nihilism:
Nothing is everything and everything is nothing.
Laugh with us
at the pointlessness of love and family.
Smile, child of paradise;
just close your eyes and let the blood flow.
Wait a minute!
What do you think you’re doing?
Stop ripping
out the wires that connect you to us!
You’re ours!
What is heaven compared to this?

Friday, January 14, 2011

More Six Word Stories

Here are two more six word stories I wrote for Holy Worlds Christian Fantasy Forum's six word story challenge:

One man. One knife. One anaconda.

One deer. One grizzly. Twelve wolves.

(c) 2011 Jonathan Garner

Friday, January 7, 2011

Six Word Stories

Here's a six word story format I've been experimenting with for Holy Worlds Christian Fantasy Forum's six word story challenge.

First, serious:

One revolver. Six bullets. Seven enemies.

Then, less serious:

Two legends. Two guitars. One duel.

And now humorous:

One snake. One toilet. Many screams.

(c) 2011 Jonathan Garner