Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sole Survivor

This drabble was written for a challenge on the Holy Worlds Christian Fantasy Forum. The challenge was to write a story using three words randomly picked from a dictionary, and the words I had to use were: manage, genre, and sole.

"Sole Survivor" photo manipulation by Jonathan Garner

How would he manage to reach the end of the tunnel? He ran harder, gasping for breath, hearing other footsteps in the darkness. The horror genre had always thrilled him, but not living in a real horror story.

When they had tried to rob the drug lord, a ruthless bodyguard appeared from the shadows, calmly dealing death. Now he was the sole survivor of the horror that had been unleashed in the underground passages.

A bullet flew past into a square of light. He burst out of the tunnel still running, promising himself to go straight once and for all.

(c) 2011 Jonathan Garner


  1. Nice work. It flows nicely and still carries a lot of potential for expansion. Thriller material really.

  2. When I first started reading it, it made me think of zombies. :-P

    Good writing. The picture's really good, too.

  3. Excellent idea. I feel like the mini-info-dump that is the middle paragraph could be handled better - made non-info-dump-ish - but this is great material.

  4. Thank you, Joel! Zombies? That's interesting. :D

    Thank you, Kat! Good critique.

  5. I likes. :) Great photomanip! Suits the story well.

  6. Nice photomanip. :) Intriguing premise.

  7. Hey Jon it's elixer from HW.I LOVE the story. is there more? Hope there is 'cause it's GOOD.

  8. Thank you, Elixer! This is all of the story right now. But who knows? There could be more at some point. :)