Monday, October 10, 2011

The Puppet Master

This poem was also featured on the Holy Worlds Blog.

On a stage, right behind a black curtain
Stood dolls of light incarnate
The puppet master smiled and was certain
That the crowd’s fears would abate
Once they saw each tiny innocent smile
On faces so young and pale
Once the puppets spoke, negating all guile
The story they were to tell
Up went the curtain, there the stage of white
Where angelic voices soared
The crowd enthralled by the children of light
Let past warnings be ignored
The puppet master smiled, whispering words
Watching his child puppets play
In the shadows crept the ones who had heard
And got their task underway
The crowd was smiling, laughing, and crying
The beauty leaving them awed
They did not see, their perception dying
That around them dark things crawled
The shadows kissed their new prey with delight
Fleeing as the curtain fell
The crowd left, a darkness over their sight
Believing that all was well
But in the night, as their hearts beat faster
They woke to a dreadful sound
Caught in the web of the puppet master
Laughter echoed all around

(c) 2011 Jonathan Garner


  1. I already commented on HolyWorlds, but I love this, Jonathan. Great job. :)

  2. I remember reading this poem awhile ago when you submitted it to the HW blog... It's creative and powerful.