Monday, November 21, 2011

5,000 Views: Top 5 Posts: #5

In celebration of my blog passing 5,000 views, I'm going to count down the top five most popular posts in the history of the blog. Can you guess which one is the most popular? Which one is your favorite?

I'll start with:

#5:  The Black Spot

(c) 2011 Jonathan Garner


  1. Congratulations, Jonathan! :D And goodness me, how am I to name a favourite? o.O I very much like The Black Spot, and also The Spider and the Devil poem. :D

  2. Thank you, BushMaid! :) Good choices. ;)

  3. Wow, congratulations, Jonathan! I've enjoyed your blog very much. :D

    Let's see... I enjoyed your short story The Coming, the Rattlesnakes poem, and the post where you combined all your season Haikus, as well as Dark and Strangely Warm and Submitting to Magazines.

    Those would be my top five picks, I suppose, though I enjoy every post. :D Thank you for continuing to share your work with us!

  4. I like your top five picks list. ;) Thank you for reading, Grace! :)

  5. The Dark Forest
    Night Dragon
    Orb Rainbow
    The Puppet Master

    are my favorites, Jonathan!

  6. Thank you, Mrs. Tatham! I'm glad you like them. :)

  7. This was a witty and inventive story, humorous yet suitably tense. No wonder it has a lot of views. :)

    This is a great idea to commemorate a milestone of blog views!

  8. Thank you, Aubrey! :) I hoped it would work well.