Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review: Red Rain by Aubrey Hansen

After a young woman accompanies her father to Mars so he can work on a scientific project, she explores the base where they are staying. She is curious to see if she can find anything out about her deceased brother, who worked at the base before he died. Soon she is surprised to find herself able to open unauthorized doors, and discovers that her brother’s death was not accidental. Then she learns an even greater secret that will present her with a terrible choice.

Red Rain by Aubrey Hansen is unique in some ways, being one of the few Christian science fiction stories on the market today, and the only Christian science fiction novella I’ve ever read. It’s a short read, but the simple story is well-told, with an endearing heroine and an atmospheric setting. If you like science fiction, stories about young adults, or wholesome entertainment in general, then you'll probably like Red Rain. This book is safe for most readers, with only a bit of mild violence and some intense scenes.

(c) 2012 Jonathan Garner


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome review, Jonathan! :D

    1. You're welcome, Aubrey! Thank you for writing the book. ;)

  2. Very good review. I like this book, too. :)