Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Review: Finding the Core of Your Story by Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith believes that all storytellers should be able to describe their story in a single sentence. Loglines were originally used to describe films, but Jordan has adapted them so that they can be used to describe any story, with an emphasis on screenplays and novels. Not only is this useful for giving a quick and effective answer to anyone who asks what your story is about, but it is also helpful for making sure that, as you write your story, you stay focused on the core of the story.

I was amused to notice that I got an indirect mention in this book, as an example that Jordan gave to illustrate one of his points. I’ve sought Jordan’s advice in the past on a logline, and while I’m sure having him look over your logline is best, having this book is the next best thing. At only eighty pages long, it’s an easy read, and all the information you need to write a logline is thoroughly and humorously laid out within its pages. If you already know you need to write a logline, then you need this book, and if you don’t yet know you need to write a logline, this book will tell you why you need to and then show you how to do it.

(c) 2012 Jonathan Garner


  1. Thanks for the review! Much appreciated. :-)

    Your readers might be interested to know that I will be coming out with a revised and expanded edition of my book, hopefully by the end of this year. There are four new chapters, one chapter expanded chapter, and I tweaked a few other things while I was at it. It's going to launch with a one-day price of free, too! Full announcement here: http://phantommoose.com/2012/10/11/revised-logline-book-on-the-way/

    1. Thank you for commenting, Jordan! You're welcome!

      Yes, that's good to know.

  2. Nice review, Jonathan! This is indeed a very helpful book. :)