Thursday, February 28, 2013

Movie Review: Once Upon A Forest

One morning in the forest, four young animals are learning about the ways of the forest from a wise older animal. Unknown to them, a truck carrying poison gas has wrecked on the nearby road, and the gas is drifting through the forest. The young animals and their mentor all escape from the gas, except for one of the young animals, who is sickened but not killed by the gas. Her only hope is if the other three young animals will journey to a faraway place to find the herbs to heal her.

Since I liked this movie as a child, I wanted to like this movie now. However, after a decent though not memorable start, this movie doesn’t ever live up to the promise of its premise. The story has holes and rambles about for most of the movie, constantly overshadowed by the sense that it could have been much better. The animation has no moments of greatness, though it is sometimes quite good. Twice characters randomly started singing, and it felt out of place.

This movie isn’t a  complete disaster, but it’s adequate entertainment only for children who are interested in the cute animals. Violence is fairly mild. Some animals are killed by the poison gas that leaks, and menacing enemies such as a ravenous owl pursue the protagonists, all of which could disturb small children. The young animals in this movie generally act like brats, but the protagonists, at least, learn better by the end.


  1. *chuckles* Gotta love movies where all the characters are essentially brats. ;) Good review!

  2. I watched this all the time as a child. I should try it again, now that we have a VCR, just for fun. ;)

    1. Yes, you should. I'm curious to see if you'll have the same opinion of it. :)

  3. I loved that movie when I was little, but I haven't seen it in years. I don't remember any singing. ;)