Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Review: The Littles by John Peterson

Pictures by Roberta Carter Clark

The Littles are a family of people that are only a few inches tall, who live secretly in the wall of a normal family’s house. When the family goes on a trip, some vacationers from the city come to stay in the house, which shakes up the Little family’s lives. The Littles will need all their resourcefulness to survive the troubles that the visiting family unintentionally throws their way--including a cat.

While this book is filled with fun ideas about the Littles and the way they live, the story is somewhat lacking. This makes the concept of the Littles far more memorable than the book that introduces them, though the concept is a bit reminiscent of The Borrowers. Despite the shortcomings, it was pleasant enough that I found it worth reading, since I am interested in fantasy and children’s books, and if you like those two things, you may also find it worth reading. The short length keeps the very simple story from getting boring.

There is only a small amount of mild violence and scariness involving mice and cats, so it should be safe for most readers. Parents may want to read it with their children to comment on the infrequent instances of rude or unwise behavior that take place in the story. It is also worth noting that the Littles steal from humans to survive, but this problem is largely eliminated due to the Littles repaying humans as best they can, rather than feeling entitled to the things they take.


  1. I'd often wondered what this book was like. Perhaps my siblings would like it. :) Thank you, Jonathan!

  2. I read and enjoyed "The Littles" books when I was younger--It was fun to see a review on this one. :)