Thursday, March 14, 2013

Movie Review: The Red House

When he comes to work at a secluded farm, a young man gets interested in the nearby creepy woods after being warned to stay out of them by his employer. An attempt to use the woods for a short cut scares him right back out of the woods, but this only hardens his resolve to not be afraid of them. He soon discovers that the woods hide many mysteries, and with the help of his employer’s daughter, he sets out to uncover the secrets of the woods.

This atmospheric mystery/thriller is in most ways an excellent film. The setting is vivid and is used effectively in many scenes. The characters have a lot of depth. The story itself is suspenseful, as one revelation after another is carefully revealed. However, the story also has a few weak points that keep this film from being a classic--but they are not enough to keep it from being worth seeing if you like old-fashioned mystery/thrillers.

Despite revolving around dark secrets and murders, this film is not violent, and hints at the violence rather than showing it in most cases. There are several scenes with passionate kissing. The teenagers in this film, both the good and the bad, tend towards the rebellious and reckless rather than the wise, though the good teenagers mainly succumb to this due to moments of bad writing and are less so in general.


  1. I'll have to watch this sometime. Thanks for the review, Jonathan! :)

    1. Thank you for commenting, Grace! Let me know what you think of it, when you do.