Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Review: The Princess and Curdie by George MacDonald

A bit of time has passed since a young miner rescued a princess from an underground kingdom of goblins, and since then, the miner’s morality has begun to slip. An encounter with a mystical woman from his past sets him back on the right path, and she sends him on a quest to help the king. The strange threats he encounters, and the yet stranger allies that join him, will change his life even more than rescuing a princess.

Despite being a sequel to the excellent The Princess and the Goblin, which I reviewed last week, the two books are quite different in tone, perhaps partly due to this one being written more than a decade after the first. Where the previous book was a fun fantasy adventure, this book is darker and occasionally grim. It is not as well-written as the first book, and rambles about more, with the scattered good ideas it has, such as some unique monsters, not being enough to make it a classic. Fans of the first book will likely be disappointed.

There is some mild violence and scariness. It has more weird ideas and mysticism than the first book. Like the first book, it should be fine for anyone old enough to read The Chronicles of Narnia, though the dark tone might bother some children.


  1. I'm sad this one wasn't as good. :(

    1. I'm sure not everyone agrees with me about it, but that's how I felt. ;)

  2. Since I didn't like the first one, I probably definitely wouldn't care for this one. ;)