Friday, July 12, 2013

Movie Review: Mighty Joe Young (1949)

A young girl who lives in Africa buys a pet gorilla while her dad is away from home. He reluctantly lets her keep it, and years pass, with her father dying, leaving her alone on her farm with her now huge pet gorilla. Meanwhile, an American businessman comes to Africa searching for a sensational act for his night club. When he stumbles upon the girl who can control a gorilla, he hires her and her pet to be his night club’s star attraction. However, the girl and the gorilla soon discover that fame and fortune does not bring happiness, and wonder if they will ever be able to make it home to Africa.

The action sequences involving the gorilla might seem to be the main draw of this movie, and they are often spectacular, despite the special effects being less refined than they are today. A scene involving a burning building collapsing around the protagonists is rightly legendary. Fortunately, this movie has more to offer than just good action sequences. The story is simple but deep, with plenty of fun and heartwarming moments, marred only slightly by an ending that is too tidy. I recommend this movie to anyone who isn’t bothered by old-fashioned special effects.

Content is limited to mild violence and scary scenes, so it's safe for most viewers.


  1. Wow, a movie without negative content and with a good message? Cool!