Thursday, December 12, 2013

Movie Review: The Night Walker

The Story: A woman with a cruel husband is haunted by dreams of a lover who is kind, which drives her husband mad with jealousy when he finds out. When her husband dies in an accident, the woman finds herself also haunted by dreams of her dead husband pursuing her. As the dreams of her fantasy lover start turning sinister, she begins to suspect that all her nightmares may somehow be real, and searches for a way to prove it.

My Thoughts: As is fitting for a film that heavily involves dreams, this film has a nightmarish feel to it. Many of the “scare scenes” are quite memorable, such as a couple getting married in a chapel where the only other “people” are made of wax. Fortunately, the scenes do not cross the line into being truly disturbing, and this gives the film an edge over the many modern horror movies that tend toward excess instead of skillful storytelling.

Watching the protagonist try to sort out where dreams end and reality begins makes for a compelling story, as little clues add up and twists send her down unexpected paths. The writing isn’t good enough to make this film a masterpiece of horror and suspense, but it is still an excellent example of how a dark story can be effectively told without using graphic content or perverse scares. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror or thrillers.

Content Overview: I don’t remember any swearing, but there might have been one or two mild instances. Violence was mild. Seduction plays a part in the story, and there is some related passionate kissing. Scary scenes were frequent and intense enough that some viewers might be bothered.

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