Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Review: Deadfall by Robert Liparulo

The Story: A bow hunter and his friends head out into the wilderness of Canada for a vacation, settling down near an isolated small town. Unknown to them, a group of outsiders has taken over the small town and cut off its ability to communicate, planning to use the town as a testing place for an experimental and extremely effective new weapon. When one of the hunter’s friends is killed by the weapon, he and his remaining friends join up with some people from town to try to find a way to stop the outsiders from slaughtering everyone in the area.

My Thoughts: The plot of this novel intrigued me, and the author mostly made it live up to its potential. Aside from an ending that feels a bit rushed, this is an excellent thriller, filled with well-written action sequences and moral depth. Many scenes that could have been fairly conventional are given twists that, along with the fast-paced storyline and the thought-provoking exploration of despair and depravity, elevate this above the average thriller. While its spirituality is perhaps a bit too vague in some areas, it presents many aspects of a Christian worldview with skillful subtlety. This book, with its explosive and deep story, could make an amazing movie.

Content Overview: It has two things that are unusual for a book from a Christian publishing company: A bit of mild foul language, and violence that is intense and brutal, though not graphically described. Some readers might find the deaths of more than one main character and the dark tone too grim and disturbing, but the book ends filled with hope.


  1. Hmm, sounds interesting. A book that includes deaths of the MCs and ends with hope, makes it particularly good sounding...

    1. It's rare for an author to do it well, as this author did.