Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Review: The Jesus You Can’t Ignore by John MacArthur

The Message: In this book, John MacArthur says, “The way Jesus dealt with His adversaries is in fact a serious rebuke to the church of our generation. We need to pay more careful attention to how Jesus dealt with false teachers, what He thought of religious error, how He defended the truth, whom He commended and whom He condemned--and how little He actually fit the gentle stereotype that is so often imposed Him today.”

My Thoughts: This short book brilliantly illustrates the points the author made in the above quote. It does this by surveying the ministry of Jesus from beginning to end and detailing the way He preached. Sometimes what He said was gentle, and sometimes it was harsh, as His wisdom deemed necessarily for each situation. As the author noted: “We can learn a lot from observing how Jesus dealt with false religion and its purveyors. The boldness with which He assaulted error is very much in short supply today, and the church is suffering because of it.”

In addition to being an effective Biblical defense of the necessity of standing strong for truth and sometimes telling hard truths that are sure to offend, this book is also fascinating as an overview of the life of Jesus. It puts together historical facts from the Gospels that I hadn’t realized before, and I enjoyed this just as much as its promotion of the proper view of truth. The only flaw is that the way the author repeated the same conclusion again and again got a bit repetitive, but this is a minor flaw, and I highly recommend this book.

Content Overview: This book is free of content concerns.

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