Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Review: Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos

The Story: When a mad scientist and an android move into his neighborhood, a neighborhood watchman isn’t sure what to think of them. Soon he's dragged with them into a zany adventure with a werewolf who’s searching for salvation from his curse. A crazed monster hunter, zombies, and many other unique characters will help or hinder them on their quest.

My Thoughts: This novel claims it is “ferociously funny,” and I have to admit, it was one of the most amusing novels I’ve ever read. Comedy seems to rarely translate well to novel form, and this is one of the exceptions. Managing to be funny while having a horror-oriented plot is also unusual, since horror and comedy are not easy genres to mix.

The way the monsters are used to support the theme of Jesus saving us from our darker selves was well-done, and while I occasionally had a quibble with a theological point, overall the theology was sound enough that the amusing humor was not soured. Anyone who likes comedy, light-hearted fiction, or the milder side of horror will probably enjoy this wild book. And it is, of course, a must-read for anyone who likes horror comedy.

Content Overview: Violence and scary scenes are common, but they tend to be goofy and relatively mild, so anyone who’s not especially sensitive to horror will probably be fine with it. Fornication and other adult subjects are vaguely referenced a few times.


  1. Really appreciate the review. I have this in my Kindle library but have been reading a dozen or more other non-fiction books. Now that you have piqued my interest, I will start reading it soon.