Thursday, February 13, 2014

Movie Review: Castle in the Sky

The Story: When a young mining engineer sees an unconscious girl floating down from the sky, he puts her under his protection, and wonders what power she holds. Meanwhile, government agents and sky pirates are searching for her. Both groups want the crystal heirloom that she has, for it can guide them to a lost and mysterious city in the sky, a city that once ruled the earth and that contains incredible power.

My Thoughts: This is possibly the greatest animated movie in the history of filmmaking. The beautiful traditional animation has a greater fairy tale quality than most computer animation, and director Hayao Miyazaki uses the art style skillfully to craft the best film in his legendary career. Unique settings nearly pop out of the screen, from an apparently post-apocalyptic steampunk earth to the spectacular floating castle of the title.

The characters who inhabit this film are just as memorable as the animation and settings, from a kind-hearted princess to sky pirates to a ruthless government agent who hides his true identity. Some aspects of the story, particularly the ending, felt a bit too ambiguous in some ways, and this kept the film from achieving its full potential, but the story is well-written overall. Had the minor story flaws been fixed, this might have been my favorite film of all time. It’s still high on the list of my favorite movies, and it’s so good that I highly recommend it to anyone, not just fans of animated films.

Content Overview: There’s quite a bit of mild violence and intensity. The only notable concerns involve some briefly expressed problematic ideas, such as a pagan view of the earth.


  1. Do you recommend it to not-fans of most animated movies? ;)

    1. There are a few scenes that might still annoy those who don't like animation, but overall, yes. ;)