Thursday, March 20, 2014

Movie Review: Unbreakable

The Story: After a man is the sole survivor of a train wreck, he is contacted by a stranger who thinks that his survival is due to him having a superhuman resistance to harm, just like a superhero out of a comic book. As the two men explore this seemingly unbelievable idea, they discover shocking things that will change them forever.

My Thoughts: This film is paced more like a drama than an action film, which is likely what made me find it somewhat forgettable when I saw it as a teen. When watching it recently, however, I noticed the subtle but powerful depth of the story, as well as the low-key but skillfully-executed scenes which often contain interesting details that enhance the story.

The ultimate message of embracing one’s calling to do good in the world, which includes a man helping to heal his troubled marriage, is far more clearly expressed than in most modern stories. Those who don’t mind the slow pace and who can appreciate the subtlety will find this to be a refreshingly hopeful film that gives a unique and fascinating take on the idea of superheroes.

Content Overview: Foul language is infrequent, but the few instances of it are harsh, generally God’s name in vain. Violence is also infrequent, but intense when present, and there are some unsettling scenes. A few vague references (and one not-so-vague reference) to sexual immorality appear.

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