Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Review: Z for Zachariah by Robert O’Brien

The Story: After nuclear and biological warfare destroys most of America and perhaps most of the world, a teenage girl survives all alone in a small valley that was shielded from radiation and poison, wondering if anyone else is alive somewhere. One day, a man with a protective suit arrives in her valley after a long search for a haven in the wasteland. She hopes that together they can turn the valley into their own Eden, but slowly realizes he has sinister plans for her.

My Thoughts: While this science fiction novel does not appear to be written from a Christian perspective, it is respectful of Christianity and has strong moral themes. It brilliantly and movingly illustrates the importance of loving others and the horrific consequences that can arise from selfishness. I was also pleasantly surprised that the novel does not have a single instance of foul language or other problematic content.

This tale excels, however, not just with its exploration of morality, but in all aspects of storytelling. The two characters are vividly representative of opposing worldviews, yet they are fully-developed and believable. The way tension rises and eventually leads to violence between them keeps things suspenseful. It all adds up to make this a science fiction classic, one that has earned a place high on my list of favorite science fiction novels.

Content Overview: Some mild but intense violence.


  1. *Makes note to check this book out* :D

    1. It's definitely worth reading, especially for those who like science fiction.