Thursday, April 10, 2014

Movie Review: The Raven (1963)

The Story: A mild-mannered sorcerer lives a quiet life with his adult daughter, mourning the death of his second wife. Then a raven who is actually a sorcerer turned into a raven by another sorcerer comes to his window and shakes up his otherwise normal night, sending the two sorcerers and their children on a wild quest to battle a powerful enemy.

My Thoughts: As you may have guessed from the synopsis, this is a horror comedy. Horror and humor is perhaps one of the rarer genre mixes, and not one of the easiest, but this film pulls it off pretty well. A few moments are perhaps a bit too over the top, and there’s not much laugh out loud comedy, but it’s consistently amusing. A good, well-presented message keeps the story from being mere fluff.

Cramming classic horror actors Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre all into one movie would be hard to mess up, since they are all pros at this sort of thing, and a young Jack Nicholson also appears. Anyone who enjoys horror, fantasy, comedy, or light-hearted adventures will probably like this movie.

Content Overview: There’s quite a bit of violence, but it is generally cartoonish, and the scary scenes are likewise usually goofy rather than frightening. There is also a mild swear word or two. Adult subjects are referenced, but appropriately and in a family-friendly way. Perhaps most notable is the high level of magic-related content, which might bother some people.

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