Thursday, May 1, 2014

Double Movie Review: The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under

The Story: In The Rescuers, two brave mice are sent from a secret society of mice rescuers to help a girl who’s held captive in a creepy swamp by a crazed woman obsessed with finding the world’s biggest diamond. In The Rescuers Down Under, the two mice from the first film head to Australia to help a boy held captive by a poacher who’s after a giant eagle.

My Thoughts: I am happy to report that these two films, which I loved as a child, hold up to adult viewing. While they cannot quite match the best Disney animated movies, the charming characters, colorful animation, and heart-warming stories are likely to be please anyone who enjoys animation and animal fantasy.

The settings of both films add a lot, from the creepy swamp and dangerous pirate cave in the first film to the lush forests and crocodile-infested river in the second film. The side characters also contribute greatly, from a noble dragonfly and two evil alligators in the first film to the antics of two very different lizards and a guide mouse in the second film.

The Rescuers is the stronger of the two films, due to being a bit better written, but The Rescuers Down Under is still a good movie and has better music. If you like The Rescuers, you are pretty much certain to like its sequel, which gives those of us who appreciate classic animation a charming pair of movies to watch for years to come.

Content Overview: The Rescuers has a villainess who dresses immodestly. Some viewers may be bothered by a female character getting sent on dangerous missions. There is also some mild violence and a few mild scary scenes.

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