Thursday, May 29, 2014

Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon

The Story: After being adopted by a family who wants to use him as a servant, a boy is befriended by a dragon. He runs away with the dragon to try to start a new life somewhere else, and winds up in a small seaside town, where he is taken in by the lighthouse keeper’s daughter. Meanwhile, his cruel adoptive family wants him back, and they team up with a con man who wants the dragon.

My Thoughts: I was a bit skeptical of the idea of having an animated dragon in a live-action film, since it seemed like the animation would feel out of place and not be believable. Amazingly, the film makes the concept easy to accept and enjoy. It’s entertaining to watch the antics of the mischievous dragon and the boy as they go on a variety of adventures together and try to outwit their villainous pursuers.

As if putting an animated dragon into an otherwise live-action movie didn’t make this film unusual enough already, it’s also a musical. Fortunately, most of the songs are good, and none are tedious. Amusing characters and situations fill the story, and the story itself is solid enough to help this film soar like its dragon star. This unique, colorful, and song-filled movie will likely delight imaginative children and provide light-hearted fun for older fantasy fans.

Content Overview: The only content of concern is some brief and subtle innuendo. The violence is mild and goofy.

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