Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Book Review: Nightmare by Robin Parrish

The Story: While visiting a horror theme park, the daughter of two famous ghost hunters is unimpressed by the fake scares, since she’s faced the real thing. Coming face to face with the ghost of a friend who recently disappeared, however, shakes her up, and investigating the disappearance soon puts her up against both natural and supernatural enemies.

My Thoughts: Mixing well-researched ghost lore and an amazingly unique horror premise, this novel surprised me with how entertaining it is. The author not only dares to explore ghosts and supernatural in ways rarely done in Christian fiction, but also shows the same boldness in the twists he gives to the story.

While the plotting sometimes felt a bit shaky, the power of the premise and the author’s energetic style made it easy to overlook any problems. As I read, I kept finding myself envisioning the novel as a movie, and I hope that a film version gets made. It’s a fun read for horror fans, and I’m interested in reading more by the author.

Content Overview: A lot of scary scenes, which might bother some people, but not much violence. Most teen and adult readers should be able to handle it.

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