Thursday, August 28, 2014

Movie Review: Diary of a Madman

The Story: While talking with a convicted murderer who may or may not be insane, a town magistrate is attacked by the man and accidentally kills the murderer while defending himself. Soon he is haunted by strange sights and a haunting voice, similar to what the murderer claimed happened to him, and must find out what is tormenting him and how to stop it.

My Thoughts: This film is fairly obscure, but it’s well-made, combining veteran horror actor Vincent Price with a unique premise that is handled effectively. The villain, while not quite up there with one of the “big names” of horror like Dracula, is none-the-less one of the more memorable antagonists that the genre has seen.

I was pleasantly surprised that the film weaves spiritual themes into the story, most prominently the way that the villain is able to get a hold on many of his potential victims due to their sin opening them up to his influence. One character wisely concludes that the evil in our hearts, if we follow it, can be just as dangerous as a horror villain.

Content Overview: Some scariness and mild violence. One scene involving a stabbing is more intense than usual for an old horror movie of this sort. A few subtle references to sexual immorality occur.

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