Thursday, August 7, 2014

Movie Review: Jumanji

The Story: Many years apart, two friends and two siblings find a game and start playing it, unaware that it contains an evil force. Circumstances cause all four of them to wind up in the same round, and as the game unleashes all sorts of dangers, their only hope is to finish the round so that they can reach the end and escape the game’s influence.

My Thoughts: As a fantasy author, I greatly enjoyed the unique premise of this movie. Watching the world of the game and the real world intersect in spectacular ways keeps things exciting, and while some critics have bashed this film for being nothing more than an interesting idea propped up with a lot of special effects, it’s much more than that.

The four main characters, two of whom have been deeply scarred by life, and two of whom have been deeply scarred by the game, discover the importance of facing what haunts them, and being courageous and selfless in life. Their journey through the elaborate and frightening challenges that the game throws at them gives this film a heart that makes it well worth seeing.

Content Overview: Occasional mild language, slightly more than usual for a family film. The violence and scariness are mild, but might bother some children.

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