Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review: The Case of the Tabloid Tattler by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick

The Story: After learning that his cat is exceptionally intelligent and can write, a detective sends her as a spy into the house of an heiress. Her mission is to find out which of the servants in the house is selling gossipy secrets to the media, and who would suspect a mere cat of being a detective?

My Thoughts: I’ve long been a fan of mysteries and, even more so, of animal tales, and this book combines both. The cat is an amusing narrator, and has enough feline quirks to be believable. Anyone who likes animals and mysteries will likely enjoy seeing a mystery from her opinionated point of view.

The mystery is perhaps comparable in tone to the Boxcar Children series, with no life-in-danger scenes or anything like that, and while that might make it seem to have limited appeal to older readers, the humor and unique main character do more than enough to keep things interesting. It’s a fun, charming tale for all ages.

Content Overview: Safe for all readers.

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