Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Book Review: Machiavellian (Firmament: Book 3) by J. Grace Pennington

The Story: Starship nurse Andi Lloyd’s adventures in space continue as her ship, the Surveyor, rescues the crew of a science station. The charming captain of the science station reveals that he has a plan that could bring much good to a hurting planet. But since his plan is illegal, would it be worth the cost?

My Thoughts: If Star Trek had a Christian worldview and was told from the perspective of a young nurse instead of the captain, the result would be something like the Firmament series. I enjoyed the first two installments of Firmament, and found the third book to be just as good as the first two.

The characters are what drives the Firmament series, and of course the regulars appear in Machiavellian, from the heroine Andi to the stoic Guilders. The villain reminds me a bit of Long John Silver from Treasure Island, due to his charming manner and interest in the young protagonist. The moral questions the story raises are well worth pondering. Fans of the series are sure to enjoy Machiavellian, and it seems likely to win over new fans.

Content Overview: Some mild violence.

You can learn more about the Firmament series at and Also, you can find out which Firmament character you are most like by taking the Character Test. I took the quiz and it said I’m most like Dr. Lloyd, Andi’s father.


  1. Yay, Firmament! This one was awesome, just like the others (though book #2 remains my favorite, at this point). About the character quiz, Dr. Lloyd has reminded me of you so much while I've read these books, so I'm glad you got him :) I got Andi...which is partially a good match for me, I think.

    1. Yes, they're all good! I can see some aspects of Andi in you. :)