Thursday, October 9, 2014

Movie Review: Detour (1945)

The Story: While hitchhiking to California to visit his girlfriend, a man accidentally kills a stranger who gave him a ride. Fearing that the police will think he did it on purpose to rob the man, he hides the body and continues on his way. He thinks he’s safe until a greedy young woman who figures out what happened uses it for blackmail and quickly takes over his life.

My Thoughts: While watching this movie, I could easily see why it is widely considered a classic, and one of the best low budget noir films that came out during the peak of noir filmmaking. Its limited budget never shows, since the film uses simple everyday settings that fit well with the story and its everyman protagonist.

For most of the movie, things are tense and the premise is carefully played out, especially in the relationship between the memorably nasty villainess and the protagonist. The grim and weak ending, however, causes the film to stumble and fall short of the premise’s potential. It’s still worth seeing for thriller fans due to how well-made most of it is.

Content Overview: Some mild innuendo and mild violence.

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