Thursday, October 2, 2014

Movie Review: The Neverending Story

The Story: A lonely, bullied boy hides in a bookstore, where he discovers a strange book. After borrowing it without the owner’s permission, he notices that he seems to be becoming a part of the book’s story. As the dying fantasy world in the book intertwines with his own life, he discovers that it may be up to him, not the hero in the book, to save the world.

My Thoughts: While this film has a brilliant premise and generally good special effects, it has many flaws. The fantasy world often feels a bit generic, and the story ends abruptly and leaves much unexplained. Still, the premise is strong enough and the filmmaking is adequate enough that any serious fantasy fan will want to experience it at least once.

Children will probably enjoy it the most. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to interact with the fantasy world they are reading about, joining the hero in his quest to save it? Who wouldn’t want to be able to ride around in two worlds on the back of a friendly luck dragon? And all ages can benefit from the film’s reminder to always continue to dream.

Content Overview: There’s a bit of mild violence and scariness, the average sort for a PG-rated family film. The only notable concerns for parents are some nude statues of semi-human creatures and a few instances of bad attitudes and bad behavior.


  1. I saw it once staying in a prophets chamber that had it and agree that it ended abruptly, but I have since seen videos of sequels in thrift stores so they must have continued the story.

    1. Maybe so. Since the sequels got such bad reviews, I haven't tried them.