Monday, November 24, 2014

Book Review: The Queen by Steven James

The Story: An FBI agent balances investigating a serial killer with a seemingly typical murder suicide case that is thrown his way. Soon, however, he realizes that there’s something bigger going on than just a murder-suicide, something involving international assassins, spies, and terrorists. As he sets out to discover the truth behind it all, he is forced to face dark family secrets, and comes up against some of the world’s worst villains.

My Thoughts: I had been interested in reading the Patrick Bowers series for awhile. When I came across a cheap copy of this volume, I snatched it up, figuring that if this book was good, the rest of the series would probably be worth reading as well. Now that I’ve finished reading it, I’m hoping that the other books can live up to the high standard of this one, so that I’ll have a whole series of excellent thrillers to read.

Despite a large cast of characters and a complicated plot, the author is always clearly in control, guiding the story through a variety of twists and turns and intense action sequences, while also looking deep into the hearts and minds of the people involved. The good characters are far from perfect, and seeing them struggle to do right in trying situations is part of what made the book so compelling. I look forward to joining them for other stories in this series.

Content Overview: Numerous violent scenes, several of them graphic enough to bother some readers. A few non-explicit sexual references.

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