Friday, January 30, 2015

Book Review: Wolf Rider by Avi

The Story: A teenage boy gets a random call from a man who claims to have just murdered someone. When no murder victim can be found, the police and everyone else begins thinking the call was from a prankster. The teen, however, fears that the man may truly end up murdering someone, and sets out to find him, putting himself in danger.

My Thoughts: From its riveting opening scene to the brutal confrontation at the end, this book stays consistently suspenseful, vividly portraying the courage of a teenage boy who seeks to do what he knows is right without compromise, even when it causes his dad to turn against him and puts him in peril.

The ending unfortunately leaves significant subplots unresolved and is overly ambiguous, which is odd due to the clarity of the book up until that point. However, the main plot is well-written and wraps up pretty well, so the parts that aren’t wrapped up don’t ruin the book. Fans of YA thrillers are likely to enjoy it.

Content Overview: There’s some foul language, but most of it is mild, aside from in the tense first scene in the book. While there’s a lot of intensity, the violent scenes are brief and fairly mild otherwise.

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