Friday, January 16, 2015

Movie Review: The Three Lives of Thomasina

The Story: An eccentric but friendly cat inadvertently draws together the lives of a veterinarian who has grown cold after the death of his wife, a daughter who feels lost due to the death of her mother and seeing the bad change in her father, and a woman who lives in the forest and heals animals with the power of love.

My Thoughts: While the story rambles about quite a bit, it is surprisingly compelling, with endearing characters who help make up for any weaknesses in the plot. Despite its simplicity, the story takes on some deep and complicated issues. One of the most notable is its attack upon the idea that science and religion are opposed to each other.

The cat of the title appears to have sort some of pagan religious experience involving a cat goddess, but the rest of the film has a fairly Christian worldview, so one can perhaps perceive the cat’s experience as imaginary. Badgers make an appearance, which is always nice, since they are a neglected creature in movies. All in all, it’s a strange but charming film.

Content Overview: Some veterinarian scenes involving wounded and sick animals might be too much for small children. A few other intense scenes take place, but what little violence occurs is mild. Some parents may not like the ambiguous portrayal of a few pagan ideas.

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