Saturday, March 14, 2015

Movie Review: The Haunted Palace

The Story: An evil man tries to summon horrifying monsters through sorcery, but the local villagers catch on to his plan and burn him at the stake. Many years later, a good-hearted relative of the evil man comes to claim his estate, but finds himself under attack by the evil spirit of the man who was burned. Can he escape the dark influence before it takes over his body?

My Thoughts: The Haunted Palace seems to have all the elements it needs to be a horror classic: A fairly unique premise; elaborate, atmospheric sets, including a spooky castle; monsters; a mix of Edgar Allan Poe’s title with H. P. Lovecraft’s plot ideas; and, of course, Vincent Price. How could it fail to be entertaining?

Unfortunately, the film manages to botch all the great elements it contains. In the same manner as another Roger Corman film, The Terror, a stunningly awful twist ending ruins all that went before it. Up until the last scene, however, The Haunted Palace is an excellent traditional horror film, so horror fans may still want to give it a look.

Content Overview: A small amount of mild foul language. An attempted rape and other implied sexual immorality. Mild violence and scariness.

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