Thursday, May 21, 2015

Movie Review: The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Story: As the evil Prince John plots to take over his brother’s throne, nobleman Sir Robin of Locksley is one of the few to stand up to the scheme. Soon Robin is forced to become Robin Hood, an outlaw hiding out in Sherwood Forest with a band of merry men, protecting the poor from Prince John’s oppression and awaiting the day when the good King Richard will return.

My Thoughts: Errol Flynn was the king of old-fashioned adventure movies, and this film shows why. He set a standard in his portrayal of Robin Hood that I have never seen equaled. The other characters, from Prince John to Maid Marian to Friar Tuck, are brought vividly to life as well. The settings in forest and castle are all colorful and believable.

Although the story could have used a bit more depth and benefited from being longer, it’s still exciting, just with less emotional force than it could have had. Most of the action scenes, like the film as a whole, have aged well, making this a fun adventure film for all ages, recalling a lost time when Hollywood made far more movies for the whole family.

Content Overview: Mild violence. Some passionate kissing. Suitable for most viewers.

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  1. This movie is so fun! Whenever we visit our cousins, us girls typically start talking about some good girl movie to watch, and then our little brothers come along and beg that we watch Robin Hood with them. After a bit of a debate, we watch this with them, and I always end up going, "Oh hey, I forgot how fun this is!" And then we watch our own movie selection afterwards. ;) I enjoyed your review of it! :)

    1. Yes, it is fun! I had forgotten how good it is until I saw it recently. :)