Thursday, May 7, 2015

Movie Review: Red Eye

The Story: A hotel manager ends up next to a seemingly nice man on a flight, but soon the man reveals he’s working for terrorists who want to assassinate a homeland security official. The official will be staying at the woman’s hotel, and if she doesn’t cooperate in the assassination, her father will be killed. Can she find a way to save both her father and the official?

My Thoughts: This film has one glaring problem that may make some viewers find it unbelievable: A significant part of the story takes place on a crowded plane, and while it is not impossible that no one would notice the events that are unfolding, it seems unlikely. A few tweaks might have made this aspect easier to swallow.

If you can get past that detail, however, it’s otherwise an excellent thriller, with an especially likable heroine pitted against an especially nasty villain, sending them on a suspenseful battle of wits and ultimately weapons. Red Eye doesn’t quite achieve greatness, but it’s good enough that thriller fans who can swallow the premise are likely to have fun watching it.

Content Overview: Occasional mild language and one instance of harsher language. A bit of mild innuendo. Brief but intense violence.


  1. You know I love this movie. ;) I didn't think it was quite so implausible, considering people often only see what they expect to see, but I guess it is still a detail worth mentioning.

    1. I wondered if you would see my review of it. ;) Yes, that's possible, and that's what makes me able to accept it. :)