Thursday, June 4, 2015

Book Review: Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques

The Story: A badger escapes from slavery with the help of a kestrel and ends up becoming lord of a mountain kingdom. Meanwhile, the ferret warlord who once enslaved him has raised a mighty army and is coming to conquer the mountain kingdom, which will bring these two enemies face to face once more.

My Thoughts: Few authors can cram a book as full of memorable characters as Brian Jacques can. And few authors can come up with so many amusing and exciting scenes, from rowdy feasts filled with original songs and vividly described food to journeys through mysterious and dangerous settings. These elements are in abundance in Outcast of Redwall.

Although repetitive storylines drag down some of Jacques’s later books, this is one of his earlier books, and the story is adequate enough to tie all the fun scenes together and give the charming characters plenty of interesting things to do. The Redwall series is not for all tastes, but for those appreciate whimsical animal fantasy, this novel is one of the best.

Content Overview: Frequent mild violence. Some pagan religious elements.

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