Thursday, July 16, 2015

Book Review: William Carey: A Biography by Mary Drewery

The Story: William Carey was a pioneering missionary of the 18th century in a time when missions work was mostly ignored by Christians. His life serving God in India was so filled with triumph and tragedy that it seems like fiction, and it shows the great things that a single man can do when faithful to God.

My Thoughts: I’ve read some slowly-paced biographies, and fortunately, this is not one of them. It was almost as easy to read as a novel, despite the significant amount of information given on each page. The inspiring and unique life of William Carey is described vividly and yet succinctly, offering a solid, accessible resource for those interested in his life.

The author tends to take a moderate stance on many of the controversies of the era and of Carey’s personal life, and while this often appears wise, in a few places it seems timid. Aside from that, however, the book is excellent, and I recommend it. Anyone who enjoys biographies, missionary tales, history, and shining examples of faith will find much to like.

Content Overview: Safe for all readers.

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