Thursday, August 6, 2015

Movie Review: Appleseed

The Story: In the near future, a woman is fighting in earth’s ruins during a war that has nearly destroyed the world. Just as she is about to die, she is rescued by mysterious soldiers who take her to a protected city that seems to be a utopia. But underneath the surface of this peaceful place, evil is lurking in many forms, and her toughest battle yet is about to begin.

My Thoughts: One of the things that sets Appleseed apart from most science fiction films is that it truly feels like it deals with two extraordinarily complex subjects in an insightful and not gimmicky or heavy-handed way. Mankind’s propensity for violence and the idea of a biologically engineered version of humanity are both thought-provokingly explored throughout the story.

As interesting as serious treatments of those subjects are, it wouldn’t mean much if the story was weak. The plot, however, is deftly-handed, aside from feeling a bit rushed in some places, and is filled with believable characters. Holding it all together is the unique animation, which combines computer and traditional animation in a way that for the most part looks spectacular. I highly recommend this movie.

Content Overview: Rated R for violence, but the only R-level instance is when a man’s head is bloodily crushed during a battle. All the other violence is on a PG-13 level. There’s some mild foul language. Much of a woman’s body is seen while she’s nude in a life support machine, but critical parts of her are covered. There are a few non-explicit sexual references.

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