Thursday, September 3, 2015

Book Review: Last of the Breed by Louis L’Amour

The Story: A Native American fighter pilot is captured by the Russians during the Cold War and taken to Russia, where they plan to get military secrets out of him by any means necessary. The pilot, however, is no ordinary man, and he quickly escapes their clutches, using his outdoor survival skills to head through the Siberian wilderness. As they pursue him relentlessly, he heads for the Bering Strait, hoping to find a way to Alaska and freedom.

My Thoughts: The amazingly original premise of this novel manages to mix L’Amour’s legendary western prowess with a thriller plot that he handles just as deftly, and the result is every bit as memorable as one would expect. Journeying with the hero through harsh wilderness as he is pursued by even harsher enemies is an exhilarating experience that, for awhile, gave me high hopes that this novel would place itself high on my favorites list.

The story, however, ends abruptly with little resolution. While an abrupt ending is better than a bad ending, this one is so abrupt that it is annoying, for much of the story still remains to be told. It almost feels like a set up for a sequel, but a sequel was never written. The novel is still well worth reading for thriller and western fans, since the premise is handled well for most of the book. It would make a great action movie as long as the screenwriter resolved the ending in a more satisfying way.

Content Overview: A small amount of mild language. Some mild violence.

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