Friday, September 11, 2015

Movie Review: Beast From Haunted Cave

The Story: A group of career criminals pulls off a heist near a small ski resort, then tricks a ski instructor into taking them out to an isolated cabin to wait for a plane to pick them up. The criminals are planning to kill the instructor, but a blizzard, unexpected romance, and a monster roaming the snowy forest complicate their plans.

My Thoughts: Due to its obscurity and the cheesy title Beast From Haunted Cave, this film might at first glance appear to be just another cheaply-made and completely forgettable horror B-movie. And, as one would expect, the writing is a bit clumsy and the low budget sometimes shows. Yet amazingly this film rises far above its limitations.

It’s a lot of fun watching the likable hero go up against human villains who are just as monstrous and heartless as the creepy creature that is hunting them all. The characters are surprisingly well-done for a cheap horror movie, and the story has enough depth to make it worthwhile for fans of classic horror. Even the final confrontation with the monster is imaginatively staged. I recommend it to those who know what they’re getting into with a movie of this kind.

Content Overview: Mild violence and scariness.

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