Thursday, October 8, 2015

Movie Review: The Wilderness Family Trilogy

The Story: In The Adventures of the Wilderness Family, The Adventures of the Wilderness Family Part 2 (also known as The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family), and Mountain Family Robinson, a family from the big city decides to try living out in the middle of a wilderness, and soon find themselves plunged into numerous adventures.

My Thoughts: Although this trilogy of family films can’t quite be taken seriously, it’s still entertaining. The great outdoors are portrayed as veering wildly between a paradise and a living nightmare, similar to how a child might imagine adventures in the wilderness. One moment, there’s peace and tranquility next to a magnificent lake, the next there’s a violent blizzard. One moment friendly animals are frolicking all around, and the next a grizzly bear or pack of wolves is attacking.

One would have imagined that at some point, after numerous animal attacks, the family would realize the need to always take a gun along, but they tend to forget, leading to frequent life-or-death fights between them and vicious beasts. The family also does various other dumb things that, of course, add more drama. It can get quite silly, but at the same time, the family’s commitment to each other and the fascinating idea of living in the wilderness add enough substance to keep the films from being too over-the-top. Children who love nature and adults who can handle melodramatic entertainment are likely to find this trilogy at least mildly amusing.

Content Overview: One use of God’s name in vain in the third movie. Other than that, there’s just mild violence relating to animal attacks and wilderness dangers.

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