Thursday, March 17, 2016

There’s Something Magical About the TV Show The Magician

A TV Review of The Magician.

The Story: In a dystopian-tinged future, a world-famous magician amazes the world with his tricks. Unknown to most people, he and his assistant work with a policeman to battle the flamboyant villains that populate their corrupt city. His life is complicated even further due to his love for the daughter of one of the city’s most notorious criminals.

My Thoughts: I saw The Magician on TV when I was a child. Not long after airing, it seemed to be forgotten by most people, but I always remembered it as a unique and unusually well-done animated show. I got a chance to watch it again recently, and I was impressed. It’s a bit like what would happen if Batman was a famous magician instead of a billionaire with cool equipment. The concept is surprisingly entertaining, particularly since a variety of colorful villains appear and the characterizations are much deeper than normal for a kid’s show.

The Magician does have some notable flaws. The hero’s powers are not explained and are used inconsistently, which some people might find distracting. Characters occasionally act in ways that fit the story instead of their personality. In rare cases the animation quality is lower than usual. To me, the show being so amazingly good overall made it easy to overlook the flaws and enjoy it. The Magician is definitely one of the best children’s animated shows ever made, and worth watching for adults who like animation.

Content Overview: Despite being a children’s show, there’s occasional foul language. And, of course, there’s mild violence.

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