Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cinderella: The Swashbuckling Action TV Show?

A review of the TV show Cinderella.

The Story: After her father, an ambassador, leaves on a long journey, Cinderella is turned into a servant by her cruel stepmother. As her two spoiled stepsisters fight over who will get to marry the prince of their kingdom, Cinderella befriends a boy who she doesn’t know is the prince in disguise. Meanwhile, an evil duke sets out to take over the kingdom by any means necessary.

My Thoughts: This obscure animated TV show has a surprising amount of depth. It expands the fairy tale of Cinderella into an episodic adventure with swordfights, villains, and occasional fantasy interludes. Some of the episodes are duds, but most are well-written, with colorful animation that looks like living illustrations for a fairy tale.

The only notable flaw in the series is Cinderella herself, because she occasionally lets herself be pushed around by the bad people in her life. The story is trying to show that she’s really kind, but sometimes her actions appear to be more from weakness than kindness. This is especially true in the later episodes. Still, everything works out in the end, so her occasional instances of inexplicably passive behavior certainly don’t ruin the show.

Adult animation fans are likely to find Cinderella pleasant to watch due to the good animation, depth, and action. Children may especially like it, boys included, since the prince is involved in numerous swordfights. Cinderella is definitely above average for a children’s animated TV show.

Content Overview: Mild violence.

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