Friday, April 15, 2016

Red Rain Returns in the Short Story “Project 74”

The Story: In this prequel to Red Rain, a young and brilliant scientist is brought to Mars to work on a secret project. Once he learns the dark truth about the project, he has to decide whether to go along with it or put himself at risk by trying to stop it.

My Thoughts: The most important thing to know about this lengthy short story is that it is inseparable from the book Red Rain. Anyone who has read and enjoyed Red Rain is sure to also enjoy “Project 74.” The story deepened my understanding of characters from that book, and I liked getting to see more of characters who didn’t get much “screen time” in Red Rain.

For those who have yet to read Red Rain, it is probably helpful to know in advance that “Project 74” functions as a prequel to that book. I would not consider it a self-contained story, although fortunately you can quickly find out what happens next by getting Red Rain. If you are planning to read Red Rain, you might want to start with “Project 74,” an option that did not exist before, but which is the ideal place to start now.

Content Overview: A small amount of mild violence.

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