Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Family-Friendly Serial Killer Movie? (Strange Illusion Movie Review)

The Story: After having a nightmare that a wicked man is seeking to take over his widowed mother’s life, a young man returns home from college and is shocked to find that his mom has just started dating a man. Could his mom’s new suitor be a good person, or was the dream a premonition of a horror to come?

My Thoughts: I never thought I’d see a movie that could be described as “a serial killer mystery for the whole family,” but then I saw this film, and nothing can sum it up better than that. It’s great fun to watch the naive yet earnest and caring young man try to figure out whether or not his mom’s new suitor might be evil.

Although the story and acting seem a bit clunky by modern standards, the overall plotting at least is above average for the time period and holds up pretty well today. Because of that, Strange Illusion is a suspenseful tale worth seeing for fans of good old-fashioned thrillers. Sadly, Hollywood rarely makes movies like this anymore.

Content Overview: A small amount of mild violence, which might be too much for very young or sensitive children.

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