Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Four Free Scary Tales for Halloween

Many people like to read scary stories during October, and since I’ve written a few dark tales, I thought I’d compile all of my free ones into a single convenient post.

Here are four free scary stories to enjoy on or around Halloween. Click on the titles to read them, or, in the case of the first story, to listen to an audio version.

1. “Earl King”

A dark contemporary fairy tale about a young boy whose new friend gives him a magical jewel that can control his parents.

2. “Snakebite”

A humorous horror-tinged western story about a preacher who takes on a gang of outlaws by pretending to be a ghost.

3. “The Black Spot”

In this Twilight Zone-style tale, a woman discovers a very strange stain on her floor that keeps growing larger and devouring things.

4. “The Coming”

This story isn’t for everyone. It’s a supernatural horror story about a creature that uses lust to attract its victims.

Let me know what you think of my horror tales!

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